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What is it?
  PandoraFM is simple. As you listen to music via the excellent Pandora music service each song gets submitted to your profile on Last.FM. You're listening to music, so why shouldn't you be able to account for it? Some call it a mash-up, others call it a hack. I call it Pandora.FM

Questions and Suggestions.,.
  Questions? Read up, or join and discuss on the Last.FM forums!

The Reviews

  It truly give the best of two great worlds of music. THANKYOU -

his PandoraFM mashup is one of the best things to ever happen to Pandora and Check it out. You won't be sorry. - loves PandoraFM - Tom Conrad, CTO of

PandoraFM has become invaluable to me. And, by association, you as well. -

what would I do without it... -

great hair - GnarlyCranium

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